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Introducing our Ultra Precise Nozzle for KSC/KWA ERG M4 - a high-quality upgrade for your airsoft gun. This nozzle is made exclusively for KWA ERG M4, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. With high-precision hole processing on the front of the nozzle, air flow is significantly improved, resulting in better accuracy and consistency in shooting. Additionally, this ultra-precise nozzle complements the durability of existing nozzles and can even improve FPS by 10-20 by installing a seal for air nozzle inside the nozzle. Upgrade your airsoft gun with our Ultra Precise Nozzle and experience improved performance on the field.

GSI Ultra Precise Nozzle for KSC/KWA ERG M4

$11.80 Regular Price
$9.44Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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