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  • A perfect solution for Marushin M1 Garand 6mm & 8mm airsoft rifle versions to resolve issues with releasing gas pressure; thus, GSI solution offers fast & smooth, efficient actions, and saves gas.


  • The GSI product effectively releases residual gas pressure remaining in the cylinder by the complete opening of the piston when the piston retreats after a blowback action. At the same time, GSI Powerful Gas Tube & Piston Set employs an additional O-ring with the piston to block the pressure when it needs to have proper pressure.


  • Marushin M1 Garand has a structural issue that makes sudden cooling and causes inefficient actions due to remained gas pressure after a blowback action. When the residual gas pressure is not released completely, it needs additional time for releasing residual gas pressure, resulting in momentarily stopping at the trail. The issue causes sudden and frequent improper actions.

Powerful Gas Tube & Piston Set for Marushin M1 GARAND airsoft rifle

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$47.99Sale Price
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  • If you have a cross screwdriver and a 1.5mm hexagon screwdriver, you can install it more easily than you think.
    - Pull the trigger down and remove the straight screw behind the trigger.
    Then gently pull the loading handle back to remove the stock.

    - Save when the cylinder and cylinder are fully retracted in the basic state.
    As shown in the above image, it can be confirmed that the piston is not exposed and the back pressure is not released even when the cylinder is fully retracted.

    - To decompose the piston and gas tube, push the silver lever forward to secure the piston and gas tube.
    After fixing the playground equipment, loosen the 1.5mm hexagon screw on the side of the chamber as shown in the picture.

    ***** At this time, loosen the hexagon screw to about 1-2mm. If you untie it completely, it will be difficult to put it in again.****
    Then, pull the genuine piston and gas tube forward and it's over!

    - The product package contains an extra O-ring, so you can check the size slightly longer than the original one. The residual pressure is discharged to form pressure where necessary, and chromium plating is applied for soft and accurate operation.

    - Viscosity retention is required, so piston grease used in electric guns, etc. is recommended. In reverse order of decomposition, press the hole into its original position and install it.In addition, be careful not to damage the ring during installation.
    - Press the piston and gas tube to the end, pull the filling handle back to the end, and make sure the piston is exposed about 6mm as shown in the image.
    Then, tighten the 1.5mm hexagon screw on the chamber side, and then assemble it in reverse order of decomposition!
    At this time, after confirming that the screws are not loose on the main body side, tighten the screws that are loose and do not come with the product, but it is recommended to secure the end parts of the doghead plate with 1.5×4mm hexagon screws.

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