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  • Recoil weight unit for KWA ERG M4 with adjustable projectile speed - upgraded version



    Full set of special springs for ERG (Electronic Recoil Gun) M4 series for adjusting projectile velocity M90 ~ M110 & M110 ~ M120 using a 14mm spanner.

    (300~350fps & 390~420fps, based on inner barrel 294mm, bullet speed may change depending on internal conditions.)
  • Changed two front springs to widen the control range of projectile velocity.

  • It protects you from damage and allows you to adjust the speed of your bullets.

  • If the rear spring is removed, it can be used as a normal AEG without recoil.

    • EAN and SKU: 8809899600030, SKU: BU20-KRW

    • Product size and weight: 8.66(L)x0.90(W)x0.90(H) inches 15oz

    • Package weight and size: 11.8(L)x 3.3(W) x 1(H), 15oz

    • Made in Korea,


Power Control Recoil Weight For KSC/ KWA ERG RM4 Airsoft

$118.00 Regular Price
$94.40Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • 1. Optional buffer for KWA PTS ERG/AEG that can adjust rebound speed
    2. ERG CQB, SCOUT, and new M4A1 can be used
    3. Steel material greatly improves durability
    4. Spring tensioner can be used to adjust elastic speed adjustment
    5. ERG CQB standard 280~340ft/s+/-10 elastic speed adjustable
    (In the case of SCOUT, it may be about 10 higher than CQB)

  • to KWA ERG M4, [when tested according to VFC's electric gun spring]

    ● M90 SP (Genuine) => Approximately 315FPS
    ● M100 SP = > 385 FPS
    ● M110 SP = > 390~420 FPS
        ※[GSI Power Recoil Spring] 
    ● M120 SP = > 412 FPS

    The above FPS is based on 294mm inner barrel, and the carburizing speed may vary depending on the internal setting condition.

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