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Non-Tilting Metal Slide SET for MARUI Glock17 GEN4(Original Type)

The actual firearm moves downward as the barrel recoils to facilitate loading. This is usually referred to as tilting, in which this movement is reproduced by an airsoft gun and a weight is placed in front of the muzzle, such as a silencer or auto-tracer causing the load during the operation.The patented design of GSI’s non-titling outer barrel for the airsoft gun does not change the processes of the operation, however, it improves smooth operation when the silencer or auto-tracer is installed. In addition, our non-titling outer barrel increases accuracy with an inner barrel. The outer and inner barrels are designed to emit BB bullets from a position during impact; our outer barrel for airsoft gun makes it constant and steady in the emitting process. Thanks to the structural design of the outer barrel, the barrel is fixed to the slide during emitting of the BB bullets. This unique PATENTED design makes it possible to expedite overall operation, improve accuracy, and increase gas efficiency. ber of shots is increased under the same conditions.

Non-Tilting Metal Slide SET for MARUI Glock17 GEN4(Original Type)

SKU: MS21-MG174O
$199.99 Regular Price
$169.99Sale Price
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  • - After CNC cutting of 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, the surface strength is increased by hard-anodizing treatment with steel texture.
    Improved durability.

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