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GSI Stock Adapter for VFC MK20 GBBR,More durable


Upgrade your VFC MK20 GBBR with this more durable reinforced stock adapter. Made of aluminum CNC, this adapter is built to withstand the rigors of airsoft battles and provide a secure fit for your stock. No additional processing is required - simply loosen and tighten the screw to securely fix your MK20 stock in place. Don't let a weak stock adapter hold back your game - upgrade to this reinforced adapter and enhance the performance of your airsoft gun. 

  • This is a reinforced stock adapter used as a replacement when the VFC plastic stock adapter is damaged.
  • This product is made of aluminum with CNC processing to enhance durability.
  • It is a perfect fit with a genuine product.



  • Material: Aluminum alloy 6061

Stock Adapter for VFC MK20 GBBR, More durable

$54.00 Regular Price
$43.20Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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