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The GSI Expert HOP Wing Two-Way Type Hop-Up Rubber is a must-have accessory for airsoft gun owners. Made with synthetic rubber, this hop-up rubber is designed to withstand all seasons, with little change in friction coefficient due to temperature changes. The two-way type design and special construction ensures a consistent loading position for bullets, resulting in improved accuracy and performance. As the best sharpshooter of airsoft guns, this GSI Expert hop-up rubber is the most obvious upgrade option to become an expert in the field. Give your airsoft gun the upgrade it deserves with the GSI Expert HOP Wing Two-Way Type Hop-Up Rubber.


Recommended choice of hop-up rubber!
Soft (gold) rubber is recommended for pistols or Marui GBBR factory condition products.
For products that use high pressures and fast loading speeds, such as GBBRs and sniper rifles, hard (red) rubber is recommended.

GSI Expert HOP Wing Two-Way Type Hop-Up Rubber for All Seasons

$8.99 Regular Price
$7.19Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
Soft or Hard
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