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  • A reinforced spring guide exclusively for MARUI HK45 is recommended for users who install or use metal slides frequently.
  • Made for a reinforced part that is stronger than the original part. 
  • The GSI’s spring guide resolves an issue with MARUI HK45. The original MARUI HK45 spring guide is often broken and hard to find a replacement part. GSI Reinforced Spring Guide is made for high durability to fix the issue with the original part.  

• EAN & SKU for Gold:  8809899600016, SKU: SG21-MH45

•Product Dimension & Weight: 10.56(L)x1.2(W)x0,8(H) cm, 1.1 oz

•Package Weight & Dimension:  6.6(L)x 3.3(W) x 0.82(H) inch, 1.1oz 

• Made in Korea,


Reinforced Spring Guide For MARUI HK45 Airsoft Handgun

SKU: SG21-MH45
$33.99 Regular Price
$27.19Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The original spring guide is divided into two parts, which may cause damage during operation, but the GSI Enhanced Spring Guide consists of a single item, aluminum and steel.
    It is made and has stronger durability than the original one.

  • Packaging size 85mm x 163mm x 12.4mm
    Weight 31g
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