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  • CNC precision processed for the aluminum outer barrel extension adapter: lightweight, durable, excellent finish, and high-quality.
  • The GSI's barrel extension, serrated surface makes it less visible when barrel extensions of various lengths are extended to each other.

* In the product, (-) means reverse thread, and (+) means positive thread.
The threads of the outer ring, flame extinguisher, and silencer, which are not marked separately, are (-) reverse threads, and the tightening direction is counterclockwise from the front.


• EAN & SKU : 8809899600054 , SKU:  BE21-AR15

• Product Dimension & Weight: 5.08(L)x0.71(W)x0.71(H) inch, 2.2 oz

• Package Weight & Dimension:  8(L)x 3.3(W) x 0.72(H) inch 2.7oz 

• Made in Korea 


Barrel Extension 115mm for Airsoft Rifle | serration type

SKU: BE21-AR15
$14.90 Regular Price
$11.92Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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