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  • The GSI 3S Steel Buffer is designed for eliminating uncomfortable surging noise and maintaining recoil speed while increasing impact.
  • The recoil spring has been designed to locate inside the buffer and comes with 3 different springs, which can be chosen according to user preference or climate changes.  
  • The increased weight of GSI’s 3S Steel Buffer than the original buffer increases impact, but the structural design allows increasing rebound to maintain return speed.
  • 3S Buffer reduces noise, offers smooth operation, and increases impact power.
  • 3S Buffer is made of composite materials that are steel, stainless, and engineering plastic providing optimal operability and balance.
  • The GSI’s 3S is a unique convention from its own engineering efforts to improve airsoft gun operation, it stands for:  

Silent – decrease the noise. Smooth – Improve seamless operation, Shockup – Load time will be dramatically increased


• EAN & SKU :8809899600535, SKU:  

• Product Dimension & Weight: 3.88(L)x0.91(W)x0.91(H) inch 6.4oz

• Package Weight & Dimension:  10(L)x 3.3(W) x 1(H) inch 6.8 oz 

• Made in Korea 





3S Steel Buffer For MARUI M4 GBBR Series

SKU: 3S20-MM4G
$59.00 Regular Price
$47.20Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Silent - Decrease noise.
    Smooth - Improved functionality.
    Shockup - Increase the load time

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