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  • The GSI 3S Steel Buffer improves the load time, high threshold, and stable operation for VFC HK417 / G28 GBBR thanks to the weight of the steel buffer.
  • While increasing the load time, the continuous shooting speed is maintained, and maximizing gas power is expected.
  • Internal tension structure increases sensitivity compared to spherical shape and lowers surging noise. (the original is structured as external tension, which makes loud noises).
  • MC-Engineering Plastic-Material Buffer Endings are shock-resistant and provide upgraded weight.
  • Consists of two springs with different elasticities for seasonal use (cold, warm, and hot weather variations) or for setting your preferential speed for shooting.  
  • Lowering surging noise thanks to the “D” cut makes it easy to disassemble the unit and ensures a better airflow within the structure that it needs.
  • The GSI’s 3S is a unique convention from its own engineering efforts to improve airsoft gun operation:

Silent – decrease the noise

Smooth – Improve seamless operation

Shockup – Load time will be dramatically increased

3S Steel Buffer For VFC HK417 / G28 GBBR Airsoft Series

SKU: 3S20-V417G
$66.00 Regular Price
$52.80Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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