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   Part Only (Except Airsoft Gun)

   We’ve been trying to develop and dedicated to improvement for our product that actual product’s color or engraving might be different or changed than picture shown.


Strength is increasing and efficiency is increasing.
Under the same conditions, there is no problem with the use of red gas as well as power and reaction.
The gas outlet is wide open in both directions and focuses on improving efficiency.
The internal diameter of the power valve is larger than that of the original valve, so the instantaneous flow of gas is greater.

Made of the highest strength stainless 303 material, it is a must-have part for users who use power gas.

Origina valve
- The gas outlet is small.
- Relatively small amount of gas consumption
- Compliant operability


Power valve
- The gas outlet is large.
- Weight gas consumption
- Power and Reaction Increase
- Excellent operability



$25.45 Regular Price
$20.36Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Packaging size 85mm x 100mm x 10.2mm
    Weight 9g


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