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Non-Tilting Outer Barrel for MARUI HK45, Attach accessories, improve accuracy


Upgrade your MARUI HK45 with the NTB (Negative Thread Barrel) for improved accuracy and increased gas efficiency in your airsoft game. With the NTB, you can attach accessories such as a silencer and auto tracer unit without sacrificing operability. The NTB allows for faster operation speed and increased number of shots by eliminating interference with the slide. Additionally, the inner barrel can be extended to boost power and accuracy for even better performance on the field. Enhance your airsoft gun with the NTB and take your game to the next level.


A rubber O-ring is placed inside the barrel to enable accurate installation without shaking no matter what brand of inner barrel is used.
The 14mm reverse screw adapter is available in a choice of colors and can be tightened tightly or easily loosened using a coin.

Material: CNC Aluminum 6061

GSI's NTB is the original fixed barrel that has a patent and has been sold since 2015.

NTB for MARUI HK45, Attach accessories, improve accuracy

$55.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
Barrel Color
Attach Color
  • -To extend the inner barrel to increase bullet speed and accuracy.

    -To install a silencer, auto tracer, or compensator is suitable to use GSI Non Tilting Outer Barrel for airsoft guns.

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